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Little Is Much When God Is In It

Children immediately want to be adults. Non-readers want to pass with distinctions. The jobless want to be millionaires now. Impossible! I strongly believe in miracles. They are divine acts wrought on man’s behalf to make the impossible possible. But man has a part to play. The Israelites had to go out of their camps and gather manna-it did not fall into their baskets. Neither did it just get into their stomachs. They had to put it in their mouths, chew it and swallow it. Moses had to raise his rod to part the waters of the red sea. At the wedding in Cana, people had to collect the jars and fill them with water- Jesus could have filled the jars with a little rain from heaven but He didn’t. He wanted them to learn lessons: LITTLE IS MUCH when God is in it. In the miracle space, the man also has a part to play. Great achievements are a result of man’s co-operation with God. Divinity and humanity make the world go round.

We need to learn this lesson from great people. “ As drops of water make the river, so little things make up life. Life is a river, peaceful, calm, and enjoyable, or it is a troubled river, always casting up mire and dirt.” ( Ellen G. White, That I May Know Him, p. 209). Big things never start big, they start small. God created the universe from nothing. Who are you to start big? That’s how Eastridge is here today: from 5learners in small room at—————-to an imposing storey building accommodating 400 learners 5 years later! Sure, Rome was not built in a day. Through many small trials and errors, finally, after failing 99 times, Alexander Graham Bell managed to invent the first telephone ever!

If you are one of those who has a low self-esteem and suffers from an inferiority complex because of your poor socio-economic background, ask the great Kwameh Nkrumah, Indira Ghandi, Robert Mugabe, Nelson Mandela and Barak Obama, to name a few. Alexander is one of the economically disadvantaged communities but great leaders have emerged from there, defying common logic from sociologists, psychologists and philosophers who ask, “ What good can come from Nazareth?” When an ordinary man,Henry Ford, the inventor of The Ford Model , charged the man who had struggled the whole day to fix the car only one dollar for his labour to fix the car, and ninety-nine dollars for ‘knowing where to hit’, he was not only underscoring the value of knowledge, but, more importantly, the value of an ordinary person possessing this knowledge. Nationally, academic results leave a lot to be desired. Moral decadence is the order of the day. Indiscipline manifesting itself in the form of teenage pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, child violence, pornography are common phenomena in the school environment, and surprisingly so. However, not all hope is lost, for there are schools in the country that ‘know where to hit’.

Pestalozzi, the student of the great educational philosopher, Jean Jacques Roussou, said a child is like a garden with the, potential to grow anything. The Motivational Psychologist, Bruner, concurred when he said you can teach a child anything, provided you bring or to his or her level. It is precisely upon this theoretical base that our curriculum and pedagogy is riveted. Eastrigde Christian School is not only CAPS-compliant but is CAPS critical and literate, applying appropriate, relevant, effective child-centred teaching and learning strategies in the didactic situation. Extra-mural activities such as Drama, Music and Public Speaking, to name a few provide enrichment to the curriculum, ensure transfer of learning and re-enforcement of concepts learned in the classroom. Our staff is sufficiently trained and qualified to give maximum satisfaction to all our clients-students, parents, the wider community and the Department of Education. Having started from humble beginnings, we have come this far by faith, and we owe it all to our loving parents. To each and every one of them, I would like to say, THANK YOU. I thank the Eastridge staff and directors for their sterling job. We particularly appreciate the support the DEPARTMENT OF Education continues to give to the school as it progressively grows from good to great in our endeavor to make a difference in this community. Indlovu Yethu! No room for Mediocrity. Excellence is Our Hallmark!

M. Nkawu